why did my ex unarchive a post with me tagged in it?

2022.01.18 04:05 manfuckthiss why did my ex unarchive a post with me tagged in it?

well the break up was horrifying and we haven’t talked since because he can’t face his stupid actions.
on top of that he got a new partner within a few weeks which was a big yikes.
but then like a week ago he unarchived a post with me tagged in it while still being with being that new partner. the new partner even commented on it calling me his hoe which was weird. BUT WHY DID HE UNARCHIVE IT WITH ME STILL TAGGED ON IT?
like take down the tag or repost the photos without the tag on what is this?
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2022.01.18 04:05 NetkoDrugi2020 Propaganda i antipropaganda?

Propaganda i antipropaganda?
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2022.01.18 04:05 aesthetic_sugrilla The ROSE speaks of LOVE silently,in a language known only to the HEART...Mr.SB

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2022.01.18 04:05 katiethasissy 24 yo mostly straight guy near Anaheim looking to chat

All my life I’ve been “straight”, but I recently discovered I was a sissy…this led me to finding this page and wondering if I might like this too. Anyone on here wanna talk a bit?
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2022.01.18 04:05 apocalypsecowboy Bird beaks vs bleaching

Hi all, I have a penguin body currently decomposing at the moment. I was wondering when it gets to dry remains and the time comes for peroxide treatment, is there anything in particular I should do as to best preserve the beak, or can it be bleached exactly the same as with the bones? I havent treated a bird skeleton before, so this is new territory for me. Thanks!
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2022.01.18 04:05 4606120 Chinese Developer Bond Rout Deepens on Hidden Debt Concerns.

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2022.01.18 04:05 derisx Just wanted to say AC Origins looks amazing with DLDSR on my 1440p monitor

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2022.01.18 04:05 crimson-Green Finally giving Frontier a fair shot and loving it.

I wanted to draw a digimon from Frontier and I wanted a better understanding of the character, so I started watching it and finally got past the part with the snails. Now I'm letting my inner child enjoy the show, its been annoying, cheesy and cute so far. There being no partner digimon really turned me off at first, but I'm enjoying it for what it is.
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2022.01.18 04:05 NewsCryptocurrency XEC: Akankah Sesukses Bitcoin Cash? Pump or Dump?

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2022.01.18 04:05 PaleDirewolf Out of Cruel Space Fan Story: Finding Grace (Ch. 15)

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"If you keep pacing like that, you're going to wear a hole through my floor." Phoebe said as she watched Roya make another circuit of the lobby.

"Well what else am I supposed to do!" Roya snapped. "They're out there risking their lives, again! And I'm stuck here sitting on my hands doing nothing! Ugh!" He screamed as he smashed his fists into the lobby's front desk, breathing heavily. Phoebe and Samara shared a look before Sam uncoiled from where she was resting and slithered over and put a hand on Roya's shoulder.

"They'll be fine, Roya. Grace and Daenestra seem more than capable of handling a few street thugs. And besides, didn't you say they were like action heroes anyway?" Sam said with a raised eyebrow. Roya snorted a laugh and cracked a smile.

"Yeah I did. Watching those two fight is just amazing." He said with a warm smile. "I know that I shouldn't be worried, they're both gonna be fine. I just can't help it, you know? But, that's not why I'm so on edge." Roya admitted as his ears laid against his skull. "I just feel so...useless. Like some cliche 'gentleman in distress', and I hate it. I don't want to be stuck on the sidelines like this while the people I care about the most are out fighting. I just want to help."

"Then ask them to train you." Phoebe said as she stood up. "You're married to two professional warriors, I'm sure they could train you how to fight. So, tell them that's what you want, and stick with it."

"Do you really think it'd be that easy? I just...ask them to train me?"

"Why not? It's one less worry for them if you can protect yourself, after all. I can't guarantee they'll start taking you on combat missions or anything even after you get properly trained, but you don't need to fight to be useful anyway. You said earlier that you were in your people's military for two years as a pilot, right? So, tell them you can fly the ship. You're plenty useful, Roya. And not just because you're a man." Phoebe reassured him with a light pat on the back.

"Thanks, Phoebe." Roya said, looking up at her and smiling.

"Any time." Was her simple response. "Now come on, sitting here staring at the door isn't going to make them get here any faster, and I'm getting hungry." Phoebe said as she walked towards the kitchen.


The hover-truck's anti-grav whined as it settled into the loading dock behind Sam and Phoebe's clinic. The sky was steadily lightening as the star rose over the horizon, and the city was starting to wake up as the night receded.

"Do you think we were followed?" Grace asked from her seat in the passenger's side. Dani had managed to get the container loaded and secured on the truck's flatbed with minimal fuss. The drive back to the clinic had been quiet and uneventful, with no sign that they'd been followed or watched. But that still didn't mean they weren't followed.

"Probably." Dani replied as she shut down the truck and got out. Grace opened her own door and stood up with Dani's help, dragging her busted cyber-leg behind her.

"So, we should finish up here as fast as we can so we can get going." Grace said as the pair hobbled their way to the back door.

"Yes, running away from our problems is definitely still the best plan." Dani deadpanned.

"Hey, it's worked so far!" Grace laughed out.

"Has it?" Dani questioned with an amused raised eyebrow as she opened the back door. Before Grace could muster a reply, she was interrupted by the impact of a fur-covered missile.

"DANI! GRACE!" Roya cried out in relief as he pulled his wives into a tight hug. A hug that made pain blossom across Grace's side as her undoubtedly broken rib protested the pressure. "Oh, Ancestors! I'm so sorry Grace!" Roya exclaimed as he broke the embrace when Grace let out an involuntary groan from the pain. She took a breath to calm herself, and managed a - hopefully - reassuring smile.

"It's alright darlin', no harm done. I just got a little beat up is all." Grace said, still smiling. Roya looked even more concerned as he actually took in their appearance. Admittedly, they did look pretty rough. Both Grace and Dani were starting to bruise heavily from the unexpected beating they'd received, though it could've been much worse.

"Hold still you two, let me get a good look." Sam said as she moved over and ran a scanner over Grace and Dani. Sam hmmed as she looked over the results. "Well, it's mostly just heavy bruising, though you both have a number of minor fractures, and you of course have a broken rib." She stated as she pointed at Grace. Sam listed all of this off in an almost accusatory tone.

"What the hell did you do to your leg?" Phoebe added her own accusation as she gestured to the mangled cyber-limb in question. Grace looked down at the limb sheepishly as she felt a pang of guilt over the work Phoebe had put into it just a few hours ago.

"It was a necessary sacrifice, I swear." Grace promised. Phoebe just crossed her arms and arched an eyebrow in response. "Ok, so-" Grace started to explain before Sam cut her off.

"Walk and talk, please. I need to get started on these injuries." So Grace and Dani told the whole story, detailing everything that had happened last night, as they followed Sam to the medical room and she started to work on the two of them.

"A death cult, huh?" Phoebe asked. Grace and Dani nodded in confirmation. "Excuse me a moment, I'll be right back." Phoebe excused herself as she left the medical room.

"Oh, those weirdos sound scary. I hope that's the last we have to deal with them." Sam said as she moved Grace and Dani into the medical beds.

"You and me both, sister." Grace agreed. "Hang on, don't you need the headband thing for a healing coma?" Grace questioned in confusion as Sam walked towards her with no equipment in sight.

"I don't need a healing coma to fix these little injuries." Samara scoffed as she held her hands over Grace's injured rib. Her hands started to glow with a golden aura as a pleasing warmth filled Grace's chest, driving away the dull ache of the broken rib. Grace gasped at the sensation, though it ended quickly. When Sam pulled her hands away, Grace reached over and started to prob at her side, but couldn't feel any pain. The rib was completely healed.

"Alright, that's the big one done! Just give me a moment to tend to the rest of your injuries, ok?" Sam said as she started in on the rest of Grace's minor injuries. She swept her glowing hands over Grace's body, driving away every bruise and ache. Grace could only stare in astonishment until Sam was done.

"Oh, wow, that's amazing Sam! I didn't know it was possible to heal people with a touch like that!" Grace enthused as she beamed at the Nagasha. Sam was suddenly very shy, glancing away bashfully.

"You really think it's impressive?" Sam asked quietly.

"You bet, that's awesome Sam!" Sam's face only reddened more at the praise and she mumbled something about getting started on Dani as she slithered over to the woman. Roya watched Sam go as he and Grace shared a look and a smirk.

"I like her." He whispered as he leaned in to Grace. "And Phoebe, too."

"Yeah, they're both really cute." Grace agreed in her own whisper. Roya eyed Grace a moment before he continued.

"I've been thinking. Holren wants something from Phoebe, and that bitch isn't going to let it go just because they're not indebted to her any more." He said.

"What did you have in mind?" Grace asked in response.

"I think they should come with us."

"Just to tag along for a ride to a new planet, or did you want to invite them to the marriage?" Grace questioned pointedly. Roya considered for a few moments before he responded.

"I want to marry them. They're good people, and I think they'd make very good wives. And I know you like them, too." Roya finished with a grin. Grace stifled a laugh at just how transparent she apparently was to her spouses.

"Well, you're not wrong there. And funnily enough, Dani and me were actually talking about this last night. And we came to the same conclusion that they need to get off-world, and that we would both like them to join the marriage. We'd like that a whole lot." Roya's grin split into a full smile as his tail set to wagging back and forth in happiness. He opened his mouth to say something, but was interrupted by Phoebe walking into the room holding a bundle in her hands.

"Grace, Daenestra. We made this for you as a gift, but also as a token." Phoebe said as she unwrapped the cloth covering the bundle. The bundle was revealed to be a cyber-leg, of a similar design to Phoebe's own cyber-arms. The leg was made of intricate, overlapping white panels, over a black covering. It was a perfect reproduction of the human form, rendered in metal and plastic. And, just like Phoebe's arms, the leg was covered in Sam's artwork. Except instead of the alien trees, the leg was covered in pink lilies intertwined with vines and thorns.

"You said that those lily flowers came in other colors, and I thought pink ones would contrast the leg and your existing tattoos really well." Sam said shyly from where she'd already finished healing Dani. Dani herself was siting up and staring with a smile at the cyber-leg in Phoebe's hands.

Samara was right, the leg was beautiful.

"Sam and I were talking after you two left, and we decided that Holren isn't going to let anything go, so we need to leave. It would be best if we leave Odessia entirely." Phoebe said, still holding the leg. "And, we decided that we wanted to ask if you might consider letting us join your marriage. You and Dani are wonderful women, and Roya is an amazing man, and I think he'll make an even better father. I think that we would bring a lot to the marriage, practically speaking. And-" Grace couldn't hold it in any more and burst into laughter at the absurdity of the situation. Grace quickly waved away Phoebe's concerned expression.

"Sorry, sorry for laughing. It's just-" Grace stopped as she was overcome with another fit of giggles. She continued once she'd regained her composure. "Sorry. It's just that Dani and I had basically this same conversation last night, and we decided that we'd invite you two to the marriage. And then Roya talked to me literally just now, and asked the same thing. And now here y'all are, asking if you can marry in. Pretty sure we're already all in agreement on this." Grace finished with a smile.

Phoebe and Sam stood blinking in confusion for a moment as they processed what Grace had said. As realization dawned, Phoebe smiled gently, but Sam's eyes widened as she clamped her hands over her mouth.

"Really?" Sam squeaked as she looked back and forth between Grace and Dani. They both smiled and nodded at Sam, and she immediately threw herself at Dani and wrapped the Alfari woman in a hug. Dani just laughed and hugged Sam right back, even as the Nagasha actively wrapped her coils around the two of them. Everyone else laughed at the adorable scene as Phoebe sat next to Grace's bed.

"Thank you, Grace. And you too, Roya. This...this means a lot." Phoebe said with a smile. Roya reached across Grace and took one of Phoebe's hands in his own.

"Anything for my wives." Roya said with his best suave smile. It was a pretty good attempt, if Phoebe's blushing cheeks were any indication.

"Hang on a second." Grace intervened. "In the interest of honesty, there's some things I think you should know before anyone commits to anything, ok?" Grace continued once she got a nod from both Phoebe and Sam. "First off, there's no lies in this marriage, at least no big ones. No big lies, no big secrets, ok? Now, the three of us are kinda on the run. We managed to piss off the Truthers, and they've sent some bad people after us. We're trying to get back to more settled space right now, but until then we're in danger. I understand if that's a deal breaker, we're not expecting you girls to just be ok with that kind of trouble."

Phoebe and Sam shared a look for a long moment before they both snorted and shook their heads.

"We live on an outlaw world, we can handle a little trouble." Phoebe said confidently. "Besides, who else is going to fix this leg when you inevitably break it too." Phoebe snarked.

"Oh, you got jokes now!" Grace exclaimed in mock indignation. "Well, little miss-" Her retort was cut short as Dani's communicator set to ringing. Dani reached for it, but found that she couldn't fish it out of her pockets because of Sam's coils.

"Sam, darling, I'm going to need you to loosen your coils a bit, love." Dani said with gentle amusement. Sam flinched back with a squeak as her face flushed red with embarrassment.

"Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry!" Sam cried out as her coils pulled away from Dani.

"I said I needed you to move, I didn't say I didn't like it." Dani replied with a flirtatious smirk as she pulled her ringing communicator out. Sam's face reddened even more, but the look of sheer embarrassment on her face clearly shifted to one of embarrassed arousal.

"Down girl!" Phoebe laughed out as Dani answered her insistent caller.

"This is Dani. Ah, Anghara, to what do I..." Dani began pleasantly, but her face quickly shifted to one of concern. She fiddled with her communicator before she held it out. "Alright Anghara, you're on speaker."

"Daenestra, you and your family need to leave, now! Your little problems have just arrived in system, and they'll make orbit by the end of the day. And there's a lot of them. If you haven't left the city yet, you need to, right now! Go get a ship, and get out now!" Dani's old friend all but demanded. Sam and Phoebe shared a glance, and Phoebe motioned for Sam to go while Phoebe got to work attaching Grace's new leg.

"Thank you, sister. You're a very good friend." Dani replied with surprising tenderness. Anghara cackled a bit at the sentiment.

"Please, Daenestra, you and I haven't called each other sister in a long time." Anghara answered sarcastically. "But I will accept friend. Good luck, Daenestra."

"And you as well, Anghara." Dani finished as she shut off her communicator.

"Dani, you and Roya go help Sam pack. We'll be right behind you guys once Phoebe gets my leg attached." Grace ordered as the group broke up to get to work.

Grace closed up the shipping container, and added yet another lock for good measure. It had taken just over two hours to get everything packed away. Phoebe and Sam had taken their clothes, the tools they needed for their professions, and a few personal items. They packed everything into the shipping container with all of the gear they'd taken. Phoebe especially had been enamored with the arsenal, specifically the power armor. Apparently, she had worked as a power armor technician once upon a time, and still held a love for the things.

"Alright, let's get this show on the road!" Grace said as she climbed into the truck cab. It was a tight fit with all five of them crammed into the space, but the hover-truck was the only vehicle they had right now, so they'd make do. Roya was in the driver's seat this time, and he took off quickly but smoothly. He proved to be an excellent pilot, weaving the big rig around traffic with ease and without dropping much speed. Overall it was a very pleasant drive, and before long they were out of the city and making their way across the sky-ways to next closest spaceport, and the city that wrapped around it.

The group had left Jandar without waiting to hear from Holren. The general opinion was "if she's mad enough to send people after us, they can get in line". They made good time crossing the sky-ways, and only stopped a few times on the little road trip. They made it to the city of Molrip before nightfall, and wasted no time heading straight for the spaceport and the ship-dealers. They landed at a nice looking one, and they all five piled out of the hover-truck.

"Welcome to Crazy Jan's Used and New Starship Emporium! Where you get the cCRRraAZZiieEST Deals in Town! Guaranteed!" A Tret woman, assumedly the eponymous "Jan", practically yelled at them as she approached the group. The woman looked like the physical embodiment of the word "sleazy". "Ladies, if you'll follow me, we can get started! And if you'd like, we actually offer a daycare service for all of our customers so you can leave your kids safe in our-" The Tret woman gestured at Roya and Grace as she said children, drawing offended and surprised looks from all five of them.

"Excuse you lady, but I'm a grown-ass man, and these are all of my beautiful wives! So if you could stop making assumptions and just show us the damn ships, that'd be great." Roya snapped with a scowl. The woman floundered for a moment before catching herself and continuing with an uncomfortable smile.

"I'm so sorry sir, apologies! If you'll follow me, I have a lot of really good ships to show you all today!" Jan finished excitedly. The "really good" ships she wanted to sell them turned out to be crap, with Dani, Roya, and Phoebe tearing apart every detail of the ships and listing why they were bad ships, or in terrible shape, or both. By the end, Crazy Jan wasn't really showing them anything, she was more just following the party around as the technically knowledgeable members of the family judged every ship on the lot. Sam and Grace were mostly acting as cheerleaders for the other three.

Eventually, they settled on a medium civilian freighter, specifically it was a "Rexana Class Armed Freighter". The ship had a bird-like appearance, with a teardrop shaped fuselage that ended in a wedge-shaped nose. The ship had wide, articulated wings, covered in thrusters and movable flight surfaces that would give it incredible agility both in and out of atmosphere. It had been upgraded with a more powerful main thruster pack, and aftermarket weapons. The ship was armed with two turret-mounted twin plasma cannons, one mounted on top and the other on the bottom. There were also a number of laser cannons mounted on each wings, and of course a network of point defense lasers as well.

Overall, it was a very good ship. It had a good balance of weapons, speed, agility, and defenses. And pretty good cargo space to boot, in addition to plenty of room for their little family. It was great. Grace ended up winning the right to name the ship after an impromptu tournament of rock, paper, scissors, and she decided to name the ship the Kestrel. Mostly because she thought it fit the design of the ship, and it sounded cool. They paid for the ship in full, further disappointing the already dejected Crazy Jan, who handed the selling process over to an intern and promptly went off to sulk.

After finalizing the purchase of their nice new ship, Grace and her family loaded the entire cargo container into the Kestrel, rather than risk opening it in public. They decided to set up rooms - or more likely, room - later. Getting as far away from the Truthers took precedent over anything else. As the Kestrel climbed to orbit, the five of them were sitting in the spacious cockpit at the front of the ship, with Roya piloting again. And doing a damn good job, again. As they exited the atmosphere, they caught sight of the Truther's fleet: ten ships in all, ranging from small Corvettes, to a single Heavy Frigate leading the formation.

Thankfully, the fleet paid no attention to a single medium freighter leaving the planet, and the Kestrel was able to slip away into FTL in silence.

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A/N: Chapter 15! I enjoyed writing this! Hopefully, the rapid relationship is at least believable in context with the rest of the setting, at least! I also really enjoyed writing Crazy Jan! Poor Jan, all she wants to do is sell cheap starships and scam people! Next Chapter: Probably going to mix a look back at the rangers and the stealth ship, and then jump back with Grace and co for some truth sharing and character development. And maybe figuring out where the fuck they're going next! As always, all criticism is welcome, thank you for reading my stuff, and I hope you enjoyed!
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2022.01.18 04:05 ChirpingSparrows Why there is one-sided application of “hate speech" laws in India – Newsbred | what must be said

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2022.01.18 04:05 businessyndicate U.S. FAA clears 45% of commercial plane fleet after 5G deployed

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2022.01.18 04:05 wuanlai65 Floki World | Fast Track Incoming | Launching Now on BSC | Liquidity Lock | Low Marketcap!!

Floki World

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2022.01.18 04:05 noterwinrommel Which DF do you think is the weakest and how would you use it to make it strong?

Idk for me.
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2022.01.18 04:05 smashbrosxxxx Wanna kiss?

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2022.01.18 04:05 iccaecumsa Shiba X Moon 🚀 | Just Launched | 💰| Anti-Whale 🐳| No Team Wallet | Liquidity Locked | Next Gem BSC 🚀

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2022.01.18 04:05 kab3onlod Straight M here. Looking for straight buds who are into dirty chatting and fantasizing. Dm me

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2022.01.18 04:05 ratrocks trading mm2 godlies for halos or diamonds

things i have;
elder wood scythe
elder wood revolver
jingle gun
chroma gemstone
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2022.01.18 04:05 sunbloomz Gender Reveal

I thought we could maybe all guess the gender and name of the baby! I have seen a few guesses before that were pretty hilarious! Let's share below:
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2022.01.18 04:05 AvaJvan LotA messy run.

LotA messy run.

On that Walk of Lament part where the three alliance separates, I already put my presets of markers (A > B > C and a 4 on the middle plate to imply 4 people need to stand there) in which it got instantly swapped by C > B > A. Could only mean they have a preset of those markers where A is on the middle, is this some old marker that I do not know of? or just plain trolling. Two member got lost on us and two of our members got lost on C (bottom).
Credit to the C alliance tho for saving that last run. they made it in time to activate those plate despite being too far from it because of the boss being too far on left/west
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2022.01.18 04:05 Lower_Independence51 Villanelle for literature class, thoughts?

War of my life
When shall it end
Never suffice

Covered in blinds
Final command
War of my life

Always in disguise
Trying to mend
Never suffice

Will hope arrive
Will god descend
War of my life

Will i strike?
Will light ammend
Never suffice

My last night
My last defend
War of my life
Never suffice
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