Can you still go to the emergency room for suicidal thoughts?

2022.01.18 03:31 Important_Ad7734 Can you still go to the emergency room for suicidal thoughts?

I've been having some pretty bad suicidal thoughts today, I tried calling the standard number but It took forever for someone to pick up. My appearance/looks just make me so depressed that I don't think It's worth it to try as an adult I've never had to do anything about my mental health and as a kid, my parents were the ones who got me on my medications and everything. I'm a current nursing student so I feel pretty dumb not knowing this and I don't want them to waste their time on an ugly man like me.
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2022.01.18 03:31 ImpromptuHotelier That's one way to stab someone

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2022.01.18 03:31 Floor-Proof L'industria è il motore della crescita. Ora serve la propulsione pubblica (di F. Pagani)

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2022.01.18 03:31 Pale-Whereas-4306 Old SAT Reading Comprehension (RC) and the new GRE RC

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has taken the old SAT. I went to high school quite a while back and did well on the SAT. So, I was wondering if anyone has any idea of how the GRE RC compares with the RC section of the old SAT.
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2022.01.18 03:31 psshdjndofnsjdkan two questions from a prospective transfer student

hi, i'm a freshman currently attending case western reserve university who's very interested in transferring to northwestern. i have two questions:

  1. what does it mean when they say that decisions for transfer students are "rolling?" i remember in their website they said that they release the decision in a rolling schedule after the deadline. does that mean it's more beneficial to submit your application early bc if you submit it closer to the deadline you might not be guaranteed a spot since all the spots are taken up by students who submitted earlier than you?
  2. does northwestern look at what courses you're taking during your 2nd semester of college?
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2022.01.18 03:31 cinndiicate Mid-tier companies who are good at managing groups?

I always seem to come across a lot of criticism levelled at Mid-tier companies for how they've fumbled, mismanaged, mistreated, overworked or otherwise failed to capitalise on a group's success/popularity. Examples include Cube, RBW or Yuehua.
I'm pretty well versed on the common criticisms/praises levelled at big 3 + hybe (but specifically bighit and belift).
However, is there a mid-tier company who does a good job at managing their groups? This would include the hybe subsidiaries like Pledis and SoMu (though based on my casual knowledge, they probably won't win any praises here lol)
I know KQ Ent is doing a good job with ATEEZ, but they're also a smaller new company so they aren't included in this question. Same thing for Dreamcatcher's company.
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2022.01.18 03:31 Soggy-Eye- i took the bait 😑 during mercury retrograde 😑..

honestly i expected it, i was prepared for him to text, i understood what triggered him to go through with it and i STILLLL TOOOKKK THE BAITT….
i’m so mad at myself honestly (i’ll explain shortly i just have to get this out) i’m so mad at myself because i fucking knew the feelings weren’t genuine genuine like they are but this would have never happened if he weren’t sensitive because of the retrograde i can literally go into a full on rage on how mad i am at myself because now that i’m out of the “it was so good in the moment ☺️☺️” i’m like what a fucking waste of potential, feeling, timeee, flirty chat, a waste of UPDATING MY LIFE WITH HIM…
this is what happened.
my ex texted me the first day of mercury retrograde, saying, he was thinking about me all day. i was not shocked. /// texts me later that day saying he wants to smoke and hang out// i say yeah maybe, proceeds to tell me randomly that’s he’s drunk and at the club…
(with this in mind i was still “strong”)
i texted hey i think the next day, he said something about me replying late and I said it’s because I want to keep my distance just in case he ups and leaves one day while we’re “friends”, he’s like ?? explain and give me his number to call him. THAT PHONE NUNBER WAS THE BAIT. I COULD HAVE SPOKE HOW I FELT ON TEXT. BUT I CALLED THAT NUMBER./// we talked otp and it turned from me explaining how i felt into him vent about his dad dying, i just let him because it’s a sensitive subject.// we proceed to talje for idk like 2-3 hours about nothing but catching up, and yeah we did laugh and giggle like the old times but it was all just hyping me up for something that’s not there. that’s what makes that shit so pointless.
at the end of the call he’s like don’t make this the last time we call like waiting 5 days or something and i was like yeah it won’t and we hung up in kind of a flirt way just in a way that made our cheeks all smiling and shit like going to bed with a smile on our face type of bullshit. ///////// next day he calls me before he goes into work, phone call is lame tbh another pointless 5 minute convo ,,, day after that we call about AND IM THE ONE WHO CALLED… admittedly i gave into my thoughts of being bored and wanting to say hi even tho i knew it was for nothinggggggggggg /// he’s playing the game i’m planting and he’s like “i’ll call u later hahaha i can’t do this” i say ok
that’s the end. we don’t call later nor text.
sigh, i mean idk if i expected anything more after the phone call and just tried to push what’s real to the back and tried to focus’s on the “present moment” but that was a L for me and admittedly i’ll take it😐
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2022.01.18 03:31 BitCrack These beers got recalled from the supplier because this label isn't allowed in Canada. I took one home to decorate the top of my fridge.

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2022.01.18 03:31 telanova26 Boogie checking to see if there’s any for him

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2022.01.18 03:31 Willing-Clock-8884 Trying Turkish Snacks!

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2022.01.18 03:31 Fuji_Dragon Yesterday's massive general strike in France against pension cuts.

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2022.01.18 03:31 lildumb0 I AM ADDICTED TO!

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2022.01.18 03:31 lindbrun Wunder under luxtreme 🚨

Just looked online in the US and was able to snag my size in true navy wunder under luxtreme. All sizes as of now. On sale and they are being discontinued! #stockup
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2022.01.18 03:31 riley_short Green Q2 - Tower of Hanoi puzzle

Hello Everyone,
For those of you just starting on green quest 2, I thought I would share a Tower of Hanoi puzzle game that I found fun to play around with, and useful in visualizing the steps needed to get started on this recursive problem. Link is below, hopefully this can be helpful to the people in need of a more visual and interactive example!
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2022.01.18 03:31 Arrenox Where was eren sending the letters to ?

The letters he gave Falco.
I don’t suppose they delivered letters all the way to paradis ?
Meaning they were sent somewhere in Marley but I thought eren came to Marley alone ?
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2022.01.18 03:31 ZoobBot 201296

This is the 201296th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2022.01.18 03:31 No-March-0316 HELP!!! I need an Advice (Begetter)

I just came back from ROM Months ago (almost a year now) I chose Begetter to be my Main, the problem is, I don't know how to build it Properly, I currently have 2 builds for Grinding and for WOE/WOC.
My build for Grinding is:
Acid Touch[2] +10 Vicous Wound[1] +15 (+30% Ignore Def Bonus) Bright Armor[1] +10 White Duke's (Ancient Cape) [1] +12 Greaves [1] +10 2x Ring of Contract [1] +8 Norma [1] with Mistress Star Card Frost Masquerade Mouth (the one with 8%DMG to all Except MVPs) Captain's Eye Tail (I don't have a Fixed item for this)
My build for PVP/GVG/WOE/WOC
War Axe of Destruction[2] with 2 Minotaur Card Vicous Wound[1] +15 (+30% Ignore Def Bonus) Bright Armor[1] +10 with Munak Star Card White Duke's [1] +12 with Raydric Star Card Greaves [1] +10 2x Ring of Contract [1] +8 with x2 Zipper Bear Star Abyssal Cry [1] with Mistress Star Card (For Mino) Frost Masquerade Mouth (Currently using 5% Phy. Pen with Freeze) Captain's Eye Tail (I don't have a Fixed item for this)
I'm planning to have a +15 Bright Armor, and Replace 1 of my Ring of Contract with VIT type of Accessory.
My impact on Grinding and WoC wasn't that much effective so I decided to get help from other Strong Begetters out there. What should I replace and what build is Good for Both Grinding and WoC, I'm Investing on my Praying Cards, Blessings from Pray and also on Handbook and since I just started playing again I'm almost done with the Aesir Monument Gold Medals 100 medals away.
Thank your for patiently reading and thank you in advance for your Advice.
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2022.01.18 03:31 stockinvest-us ESTE: Signal Alert - Overvalued identified

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2022.01.18 03:31 Emmycodes gLuTe hAm tie in

I’m sorry, I’m new here and adding a petty flair because I am not sure how to categorize this rant. I keep seeing the mention of “glute ham tie-in” when discussing if someone has a bbl or butt implants. It’s like one person incorrectly mentioned it as a way to tell if someone has a fake butt and now everyone is obsessed with that term. I am making this post after someone complained of being unable to develop her glute ham tie-in muscle on a discussion of whether an influencers glutes were fake.
There is no glute ham tie in muscle. It comes from having well-developed hamstring and glute max muscles, AND being very lean for this area to have definition. This area is like your abs, you can have very well developed glutes and hamstrings, but if your body fat percentage isn’t low enough, you will never have a visible glute ham tie in. I have a very visible tie in when I am getting ready to compete, but otherwise when I’m a little thiccer I’m off-season, it’s not very visible under my fat just like how my abs disappear when I bulk up.
As far as I know, butt implants are placed under the muscle, and higher up in the butt, so this would not affect the glute ham tie-in area at all. Someone who many people feel has butt implants, Addison Brinley, still has a very visible glute ham tie in because she is lean enough for it to show.
butt implants video
In this video, a woman with butt implants discusses the placement of them. As far as a bbl, I’m guessing if the fat wasn’t injected directly over the glute ham tie in area, a person with a bbl could still theoretically have one. So really all a glute ham tie-in tells us is that the person has decent glute and ham development and is decently lean. It doesn’t prove that glutes are natural. Okay thanks for coming to my Ted Talk lol
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2022.01.18 03:31 fotofinish348 It's all good, ya know we're going places

Hey don't take this the wrong way I hope we go down more, I bought in at .57 and have been buying on the way up so if this goes down more I can average down. I'm here from SS and have been holding there for over a year and also buying more GME truth is we know that this is a shitty market right now and not to mention the manipulation coming from poly and ADA ETC so just hang tight buy more if you can when it's low and I really think with the development team that's always interacting with it's investors we should really make out amazing.
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2022.01.18 03:31 Different-Toe-4717 what title would you give to this chapter of your life?

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2022.01.18 03:31 bearing2 sg 3072

A collection of precisely able to be used main gage-blocks displacing connects of a very first sine-bar at enhancing level varies of angularity, and precisely able to be used second gage-blocks for personality in between a main obstruct and displaced sine-bar connect for the enhance in angularity to level increments within stated main obstruct vary, and integrated therewith a 2nd sine-bar and straight reviewing micrometer sg 3072 modification for angular variation of the second sine-bar in levels and mins of angularity, the micrometer being consisted of a barrel having actually a curvilinear index line with axial calibration in levels and displaced from turning of an expansion screw of consistent pitch, and a thimble with circumferential calibrations in mins and turning with the stated expansion screw to be revolved of stated curvilinear index line and thus prolonged in reducing quantities representing the elevation measurements needed in purchase to develop sine-bar angularity. A sine bar itself is a steel bar, made from carefully ground or splashed steel, that's generally no larger sg 3072 compared to 1 inch. At each finish of the sine bar lies an accuracy cyndrical tube that relaxes versus quits machined into all-time low surface area. Sine bars can be developed to have top and reduce finishes in addition to leading and lower surface areas, enabling them to be utilized in either instructions and on either side. In purchase to prevent an item or section in position, there are machined openings along a sine bar into which quits or secures might be put. Sine obstructs are similar to sine bars, however simply somewhat larger. Sine layers are likewise comparable in develop, however have a couple of essential distinctions. A sine plate is a lot larger in framework (like a surface area plate) and linked by a joint to a base plate near the bottom cyndrical tube. The sine bar, sine obstruct, and sg 3072 sine plate are all utilized primarily as accuracy dimension devices, however sine layers have the ability to be utilized as fixturing gadgets also under specific situations. When utilizing a sine bar and a sine plate the procedure is similar. Evaluate obstructs are utilized in purchase to put the sine bar or sine plate at the appropriate angle. The evaluate obstruct or obstructs are put straight under the top cyndrical tube of the sine bar or sine plate which produces a best triangular prism. ​​
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2022.01.18 03:31 goth_lullaby What should I avoid doing with my pets?

I tested positive for covid just 5 hours ago, but I’ve been having symptoms for 3 days now. My whole household also has covid. The first one to test positive was my sister and that was last week. Then second my mom tested positive. Then my brother got sick and he tested negative, but we’re gonna assume it’s a false negative. I have two lovely cats, and I want to avoid giving them covid. Is there anything I can do to avoid that?
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2022.01.18 03:31 midnitewonder Hello everyone! I made these fluorescent art pieces to match my brothers corals in his reef aquarium. They glow under the tanks black light at night time.

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2022.01.18 03:31 TroTex15 A dark poll re: Ghislaine Maxwell

Would you be okay authorizing torture to get names? (I’m a li’l tipsy)
View Poll
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