Idea for a scifi setting: a 'solar system' of hundreds of planets built by advanced aliens.

This is up there with the best of the best for sci-fi space opera extravaganzas. It’s got world-building par excellance, brilliant projections of technology, and a great cast of characters. Set in 2380, Hamilton poses for us a Commonwealth of hundreds of planets colonized by different styles of humanity, made possible by wormhole technology. Ex-Illuminati insider, Donald Marshall speaks out and exposes the truth about the New World Order, a dark organization of world leaders secretly orchestrating global events. Donald Marshall Revolution is an unofficial, unauthorized website created to support this mission. Nowhere except America has ever existed, the only culture is conservative American business culture, all the planets have Anglo-friendly names, and everyone except for a couple of taxi drivers and the aforementioned JJ Binks is white. All the time, this spaceship is being built in the background to go visit the threat/mystery set up on page 1. i suppose you could call Alastair Reynolds the Bad Twin of Peter Hamilton. both write space operas that come complete with mind-boggling concepts, galaxy-spanning adventures, bizarre aliens, space politics, love stories, and eons-old mysteries. but Hamilton writes about a future that despite having its ups, downs, and various inequities, is mainly Bright & Shiny, full of possibility. on the ... Even humanity’s advanced tech doesnt seem to be any real help against them, except to SOMETIMES allow for a stalemate when the Bugs send asteroids to destroy the Earth. In the Expanse, the aliens are so much more powerful than the humans that, even extinct, they pose a massive danger to humanity from the stuff they left behind. The idea went viral (via 1970s-era media and word of mouth, of course). Overnight, it seemed that creativity gurus everywhere were teaching managers how to think outside the box. Ancient Indian poetry such as the Hindu epic Ramayana (5th to 4th century BCE) includes Vimana, flying machines able to travel into space or under water, and destroy entire cities using advanced weapons.In the first book of the Rigveda collection of Sanskrit hymns (1700–1100 BCE), there is a description of "mechanical birds" that are seen "jumping into space speedily with a craft using fire ... Science fiction will sometimes address the topic of religion.Often religious themes are used to convey a broader message, but others confront the subject head-on—contemplating, for example, how attitudes towards faith might shift in the wake of ever-advancing technological progress, or offering creative scientific explanations for the apparently mystical events related in religious texts ... A) Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic and sufficiently analyzed magic is indistinguishable from technology; at the highest levels all comprehension is the same. If you had a literally perfect understanding of the universe, that would contain everything, both Physics and the Way. The idea of an inhabitable planet with multiple habitable moons actually seems like a reasonable alternative to OP's post about multiple habitable planets in a solar system. It might be interesting to think of a planet with eight to ten habitable moons having human life seeded on each that develops independently from one another and how things ...

2022.01.18 05:08 IXBlackHeartXI36 Idea for a scifi setting: a 'solar system' of hundreds of planets built by advanced aliens.

This is an idea I had today while pondering this strange solar system design I found in a youtube video. Its a video made by some youtube channel called 'melodysheep' if you want to see it for yourself.
Basically, he posits an artificial solar system of sorts. At its center is a black whole, and around it orbits several stars. These stars create a habitable zone around the black hole that can house thousands of earth-like planets all orbiting the black hole too. He mentions that such a structure could not occur naturally, and thus such a formation would be a sign of highly advanced alien intelligence.
This got me thinking though of a sort of space opera world that would be firmly grounded in scientific reality (at least, compared to how space opera normally looks). Here is my idea:
In earth's history, one man with impressive scientific knowledge in medicine, robotics, and physics buries himself deep in a mountain to live a life of solitude. He uses his knowledge to sustain his life indefinitely, building a robotic empire in the process. In time, the world experiences an apocalypse, leaving him the only surviving human with any scientific knowledge. He continues to advance as the rest of the world spends centuries recovering. He meddles in their development, finding it hard to resist trying to steer humanity away from its mistakes when he has so much power. He ultimately fails though, and after thousands of years humanity goes extinct (besides him of course). Seeing what they did to the Earth, he opted to leave it, so that the world would no longer be despoiled by humans.
Humanity never discovered evidence of alien life during their entire history, not even this man. He spent centuries traveling the void of space exploring it. His knowledge and robotic army continued to grow, and in time he grew tired of being alone in the universe, and so decided to literally play God.
He found himself a black hole, and set several stars in orbit around it. He then placed hundreds of planets in orbit around this black hole in its vast habitable zone. He then created life to inhabit each of these worlds. This consisted of all manner of plant and animal life, all based on literal centuries worth of fantasy and science fiction. On each world he placed one species with human-level intelligence. They all varied in their physical appearance of course, but he gave them all the same brains so that they would all be mentally equal and able to communicate with each other. He told each of these worlds of their origin and that he would one day return to check on them. He then left them to develop on their own, while he continued to explore the galaxy.
These myriad of artificial worlds evolved along their own paths. Their creator didn't bother to teach them anything other than the most basic survival tools, essentially starting them all off in the stone age. They all misinterpreted his story, essentially seeing it like we do our own creation myths, due to their lack of scientific understanding. Of course, their creator didn't bother to leave much for scientific knowledge in what he told them since they wouldn't be able to understand it anyway.
These worlds then evolved along their own path, and over thousands of years some developed the technology to explore their solar system. The creator made a huge diversity of planets with different surface conditions for the sake of diversity. Sadly, this backfired in allowing some races to advance faster than others. The lower gravity worlds found it easier to get into space, giving them all a head start, while the high gravity worlds took longer due to it being harder for them (these had the least amount of knowledge about space). Some planets were able to support higher populations, and thus developed far more quickly than the worlds with less living space. The smaller races also had an easier time getting themselves into space due to their lower mass and more modest nutrient requirements. Long story short, this resulted in some of the aliens colonizing and exploiting more primitive worlds that had no way to stop them, thus replicating earth's own history though on a larger scale.
Detecting radio waves from the system, the creator returned and saw what his creation had devolved into. Obviously, he wasn't pleased. He revealed himself to all the aliens he had created, and after convincing them that he was their 'god' (he had encouraged the aliens to preserve his language so he could communicate to them in the future, and unsurprisingly the aliens quickly found out on their own that they all shared an origin), explained to them fully where they had come from. He revealed the history of humanity, and how he himself came to be. He explained that he was no perfect divine creator, but in truth an 'alien' just like them, albeit a highly advanced one. He explained why he had created them and their system. Humanity was forever tormented by their inability to find intelligent life. Even after he left earth, he himself still could find no one. And so, he decided to make it himself, so that intelligence would continue to exist. He created their system so that they would not be forever alone like humanity was. They would all exist in a system where they could easily travel to inhabited worlds and meet 'aliens' just like them. He did not, of course, intend for his creations to mistreat and exploit each other. He saw what he was doing as 'art'. Each and every living thing was an art piece, and each planet a gallery to house it in. He explained that what he really wanted was for them to explore the worlds he had made for them, and marvel at the myriad of forms life could take. He wanted them to get along and respect each other, which they had failed to do despite his attempt to discourage this when he first created them.
This revelation however just created more problems. The aliens were still highly religious, and despite his revelations still could not help but see him as a god. Keep in mind, they all literally existed on young worlds that had existed only as long as they did. Essentially, it was a system of hundreds of planets inhabited solely by young earth creationists. They never even developed a theory of evolution, because it never happened on their worlds Even as they themselves advanced, only 'loonies' ever considered the idea that their creator had in fact used the very same technologies they were developing to create their worlds.
The aliens did not react to this well. Many believed that they had displeased God, and thus must fanatically change their ways. Others however wanted to continue the exploitation and colonization they were used to, and so chose to turn against their religion. Some even saw the creator as a liar who had deceived them all, even though he honestly had no malicious intent in what he did. This caused all the worlds to suffer a major religious divide for the first time in any of their histories. Sects existed of course, and each planet's religious beliefs had evolved along their own unique paths, but even after millennia it was still abundantly clear that they all started with the same culture. Thus, each world fell into a civil war like none that had existed before among them. Each world was now divided between religious fanatics like none that had been seen before, and those who believed that 'God' was actually a monster they needed to all turn against (which is ironic given that most of them weren't too moral, as stated most turned against 'God' just so they could continue the abhorrent practices they had committed against each other for one or two centuries).
The creator did not intervene further, despite what had happened due to this return. He gave up hope that any intelligent world could avoid the same sins that Earth experienced, and so saw it as simply a lost cause. He could not fix the Earth, and clearly he could not create a world that would never suffer the same fate as humanity. He then abandoned the system again, seeing it simply as a mistake he should not have committed. Luckily for the aliens, he saw destroying them as being a worse thing to do, and so he let them be and continue to evolve along their own path, but now forever without him. He knew he could not prevent them from re-enacting the atrocities of Earth, and so he let them. Boys will be boys, so to speak, but in this case intelligent aliens based on humans will act just like humans no matter what.
Of course, this is all just an idea I had today. I haven't really thought it fully through, such as how on man could create hundreds of planets with hundreds of distinct life forms, let alone in a short span of time. I also haven't put much thought into how this man would justify his creations if he was a moral person. I mean, if he really was trying to do the right thing, why would he literally try to play god? If he seriously cared for morality at all, surely he would question if he should do such a thing. Also, what would he be doing for literal thousands of years as they developed? I figured of course watching a bunch of stone-age worlds wouldn't be the most interesting, but surely it would be more interesting than exploring more stars orbited by barren rocks. I sorta think that maybe he did finally find true alien life and was distracted studying that for the longest time.
Also, I'm not an expert in science fiction. Honestly, I've been more of a fantasy fan for most of my life, for the simple fact that fantasy ages better than scifi. I mean, Lord of the Rings is still as profound as it was in the 50s, but even science fiction from the 90s is hard to not laugh at. I don't know if anyone's done something like this before or not. I do know of the 'all tomorrows' thing, which in a way does give a rational explanation for a traditional space opera setting (even if that wasn't really the intent).
Why am I posting this? I don't know, just thought I would share it. I sorta doubt I would ever turn this into a novel, given that I've been wanting to write one for decades but never have. Besides, as I stated I never cared for scifi since it just ages so poorly. Also, fantasy normally focuses on more interesting and relatable issues than science fiction does. I thought it would be an interesting concept though, even if having HUNDREDS of inhabited worlds would be excessive and impossible to ever fully flesh out. I mean, no one can even fill up an entire planet let alone several. There is a reason for the common trope of planets all being a single biome and everyone on the planet having the same culture despite this making NO sense. That's another thing I never really liked about science fiction; why have entire planets when you could never fill them out anyway? Just stick to single continents, and if you need your cultures to have different environments and 'surface conditions', just do the realms thing. That avoids a lot of wasted space, and obvious non-sense like entire planets being uniform in every way all across their surface. Yeah, fantasy makes no realistic sense, but at least that doesn't change as it ages. Even when the Lord of the Rings came out, it was obvious that it could never happen, and time clearly hasn't changed that. On the other hand, its obvious that robocop could never happen. I mean, just look at all the anachronisms in that movie, which is pretty bad even by scifi standards (probably a consequence of the fact that it was supposed to happen in the near future, thus why so many then-current technologies appear in it).
Anyway, what do you think of this? I don't know if I'll really bother to develop it further, since I said I've never had an interest in science fiction, with space opera being probably the most unlikable to me due to it being just so utterly dated.
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2022.01.18 05:08 BilboSmashings imagine being so unbased that your heart, which is open in front of you, can be pickpocketed by a hero renowned for being loud behind you without detection.

Smh. Briar hearts need to get their act together.
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2022.01.18 05:08 Summondat Is liquid smoke supposed to smell bad?

So I'm going to make SV BBQ ribs this weekend, and the "Wright's liquid smoke Hickory Concentrated Seasoning" I bought just arrived.
so I opened it, it smells......bad. Is is supposed to smell bad?
I know you should just add one or two drop of liquid smoke to your ribs, I'm not sure if I should add it since this is my first time cooking BBQ ribs, don't want to mess up that ribs if it taste bad.
Maybe it smells bad, but taste good after cooking? thoughts?
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2022.01.18 05:08 Few_House3549 So I went back and watched the Genesis Arc again

I just watched the Genesis Arc again (not the entire thing because I’m not watching that ending again) and I still have to say that it’s my favorite one. The story for me is interesting, zero is probably the best villain yet and is mysterious which I like, the WOTFI rap is hands down the best one, and despite how much I hate the ending for its horrible writing and how scarred I am from it I have to admit that they did succeed in making that ending emotional. Now I’m going to explain why the ending has such garbage writing: they could’ve went with a different emotional ending if Axol was saved like seriously Melony had enough opportunities to free him but chose to kill him instead, if we go back to If Mario Was In Anime Axol proclaims that it’s time for him to win back his title but he gets possessed and is killed later on which gives us the question of “why would you set up his character like that only for him to be killed?”, and last but not least the ending is literally almost the exact same thing that Meggy went through. It’s the apartment scene from There’s Something Up With Meggy but with Melony who even repeats the line that Luigi told Meggy (Here’s Luigi’s line: “She would want you to live your life as best you can.” Here’s Melony’s line: “He’d want us to live our lives as best we can.”). And listen the whole “Axol died for Melony’s character development” goes along with that. If zero comes back and not Axol then his death was in vain and I know I’m gonna get comments telling me to deal with it cause he’s not coming back or whatever but I don’t care. This next arc whenever it starts goes one of two ways: zero comes back along with Axol or zero doesn’t come back and Axol’s death wasn’t actually in vain which in this case seeing as there have been SO MANY zero references I wouldn’t be surprised if he does come back
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2022.01.18 05:08 Personal-Bluebird-34 am I over thinking ?

Feels like every friend around me is for some benefits they get from me. I know there are somethings which we do only for benefits but like I always asks everyone if they are okay? Or if something is disturbing them? I know that I'm a good listener but I sometimes found that no-one asks me ....It's not like no-one ever helped me but yeah I just feels like they want something to be done by me and I already had some bad experiences with friends ( actually I don even like to call them friends )
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2022.01.18 05:08 Jomeshome hi um I'm sorta new to this and really want to try this stuff. but I have a problem....

Well actually sorta two. One I'm new and have almost no clue on how to do this game except for a discord rp thing that appeantly was similar. Two I can't go anywhere to do it because no one (I know of)within an hour of me plays the game. And even then I don't have a means to go and do the game. So I was extremely curious if there was a mobile app that I could play DnD on or something. (Also sorry if the flair is wrong. This subs just confused me a bit.)
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Sometimes when i play draft my with my bronze-silver friends (im high plat for reference) we get match with mostly silver players . I am trying to have fun but when they kill im in a 1v1 they start typing calling me trash and bad and saying that i dont deserve my elo. Why do u think there is so much hate towards higher division players ? (Sry for my English im Greek)
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