Ceiling shot the hardest mechanic?

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2022.01.18 03:55 idkidc112 Ceiling shot the hardest mechanic?

Why are ceiling shots so hard to pull of compared to flip resets and air dribbles? Every time I go for a ceiling shot I lose all of my momentum how can I fix this? And do pros jump off the ceiling or do they just fall? Most of the time when I flip off the ceiling I’m double jumping (?) which makes me lose my flip. Do I have to let go of the analog stick before jumping off (with first flip) ?
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2022.01.18 03:55 crazyconfused07 Need advice to know whether I did was right or wrong! Thanks

There's a guy and we are family friends and best friends for 5 years. We are both 27
We recently connected more than friends
Please note the fit the past 5 years we have talked almost every single day we live in different places
We met and went on a vacation Suddenly everything changed
The guy was nonchalant and got casual
He texted once in two days and had responses which really never lead to anywhere
I let it go for 3 weeks to a month. I never even asked for a reason.
Because he has initiated conversations when I felt not talking to him.
Then I asked him after that.
Suddenly the reasons which didn't matter, became more important than me. Reading a book was more important ( I agreed and was okay with it)
I'm not a nagging person but it really hurt because I had told him many times to always be frank and let me know if he didn't want to talk to me anymore.. no reason required.
Obviously it's not what I want. I have never shied away from expressing how much he means to me. And he also has always been expressive
I asked him jokingly, semi-seriously 2-3 times and he always brushed it off and said he had been like that only. And asked him whether I'll accept him like that. I told him that it's not a question of acceptance, I just feel somethhas changed Suddenly and it's bothering me. That he should know that I have always accepted and trusted him. He is the one who knows about my health issues and treatments
I know and understand what he is saying but that's not what we do with people at are close to. He hasn't before
Suddenly he forgets to call. And doesn't even inform me. He has never done that. He has always asked me what's wrong even when there was nothing. Asked me for assurance multiple times but only in a funny way and accepted my answers. I always reciprocated and validated.
This off handed Ness is new. Then I got angry and told him that it's unfair that he would act this way when all I requested of him was honesty.
He insisted nothings wrong and he would tell me if anything is. And asked me to point out what he has done wrong
I told him that knowing him, he must know what I'm talking about. Because he can understand my answers with just my facial expression. And he has always been sensitive to my issues. Even the non problem ones.
So if he hasn't initiated a single proper conversation and rebuffed my attempts with things that don't matter. It has got to be intentional and he can figure it out himself.
I told him that next time with anyone, consider being honest.
He said he didn't like that I was doubting that there was anyone else. And that he was just talking to his office colleagues on a group casually joking with a newly married guy
He asked to let him call me. I told him that I'm all for being light and breezy but if I say there's an issue. I shouldn't have to get angry for him to notice and call or discuss.
He retorted with a noted and to keep in mind nexttime.
We haven't spoken since. I don't plan to unless he does.
Tldr; not really sure what to include. Not sure if I did the right thing. Need advice.
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2022.01.18 03:55 AbdulFawaz [WTS] Omega Planet Ocean 43.5 ref:21533122103001. 4️⃣5️⃣0️⃣0️⃣

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2022.01.18 03:55 alonelyvoicespeaks Trying to set up a isolated node on a lan network

I have a secondary router off of my main network that I am trying to make as invisible to the rest of the network as I can. Off of that router I am trying to configure a raspberry pi 4b so it is as secure as I can make it. Potential threat vectors include individuals and small groups.
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2022.01.18 03:55 esands1970 Who would you rather smash,Tea Cooper or Liz Cambrage?

View Poll
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2022.01.18 03:55 Desolecontra What was inside the “Pulp Fiction” briefcase?

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2022.01.18 03:55 Cautious_Being_8395 South Africa who have an excellent record at Boland Park, Paarl are about to play their first match against India at the venue

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2022.01.18 03:55 ChristinaOasis Is AIRROBO robot vacuum T10+ worth it?

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2022.01.18 03:55 NewRedditAcctBud16 Why do I have to constantly feel like I'm lucky for having to live at home?

I've been trying to save money and doing my best to get an apartment and move on my own again.
My mom constantly guilt trips me and makes me feel like everything in HER life is my fault and the reason that she is unhappy and I just cannot stand her and her horrible negative attitude about anything. I have no one to talk to about this.
I was literally homeless in 2020 because she kicked me out of the house, I had to live with my aunt and uncle, struggled to pay for things to survive. I really wish I was back there and have been trying to get a job to fund my life and continue on, but I just have to be constantly reminded how lucky I am that my mom let me back home, how she is my savior or something, and I literally have no support from her toxicity. She constantly talks behind my back and treats me like garbage, and it gets to the point where I can't get anything done because she is literally just down my throat all the time. Why did my dad have to die? Why am I not deserving of a place to live? Why can't I do my best to stay alive and why do I have to struggle in life simply because she is a horrible disgusting parent?
Life is miserable man, it's all about money. How much you have, what you can do with it, and you can't trust anybody
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2022.01.18 03:55 essjeyy Sach ki awaaz📢

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2022.01.18 03:55 Best_Rise_7660 Resources for Fund raising & Investment schemes

Fellow entrepreneurs,
I’m a cofounder at a tech startup where we are still developing our product and our launch date is coming up in a few months.
We wanna seek investment after gaining traction. So we need to be very strong in terms of finance, investment, etc.
I want to fully understand the following:

  1. Shares distribution amongst the team and potential investors and what matrices I should use and apply to our startup
  2. SAFEs, convertible notes, anything related to angel investors, VCs, and current partners who are putting their own money in
  3. How to evaluate the deal, other than granting the least amount of shares for the maximum amount to be invested, what other elements should founders look at to evaluate their deal.
And lastly, all the advice that you can give regarding things to note and things to avoid or even sharing your experiences would help a lot.
Thanks to everyone in advance,
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2022.01.18 03:55 Sri_Sudharsanam Amazing Violet with Peacock Green Silk Saree | soft silk sarees

Amazing Violet with Peacock Green Silk Saree | soft silk sarees
Soft silk sarees are light, elegant and are perfect for evening parties and special occasions. Soft silk sarees are breathable and thus make them an ideal choice.
The festive season might have come to a close but the season of beauty never stops.
With our amazing Violet with Peacock Green Silk Saree, reunite with your inner elegance once again. The borders come with fancy zari motifs design while the main aesthetic of the saree is the beautiful peacock motifs.
Talk about any occasion, this saree will make sure that your beauty and radiance stands out effortlessly. Visit soft silk sarees and avail this saree today!

Dive into our selection of soft silk sarees that are handwoven to create that enchanting everlasting luster. The smooth texture and soft pleats will make you fall in love.
Is art silk and soft silk the same?
Art Silk or artificial Silk saree is a synthetically manufactured saree which resembles silk. Just like the pure silk saree, art silk sarees are airy, super light and really comfortable which makes them an ideal choice during the hot months of summer.
Unlike cotton, wool, and other natural fabrics, silk fibers are smooth. One of the main factors that give silk its smooth texture is the removal of sericin from the silk fiber. This process is called degumming and makes silk soft and lustrous.
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2022.01.18 03:55 JettPlays This celebration would've been one of the worst if it wasn't for the part 1 banners

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2022.01.18 03:55 4head15 Is this considered a rookie card?

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2022.01.18 03:55 Smart_Grape Best vid so far.. I’m the one you need for Classes🔥Am I the Best in Alabama?💪🏽

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2022.01.18 03:55 vanityofjay29 Avani Hotels reimagine Krabi with new launch in Koh Lanta

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2022.01.18 03:55 LakePunch Main character can see trails of light behind living things.

He is raised by his “father” who is the only thing whose trail he cannot see. After a while, they are hunting and his “father” is crushed by a tree. You later find out he was an android of some sort. I know a few other details but hopefully this is enough.
If you know the book i would love to be reminded of it’s title
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2022.01.18 03:55 sgain-dubh13-14 Pork and Hosin burgers

I have a pack of Pork mince in the fridge and had an idea for making burgers.
Thinking about adding chopped spring onion and some hosin sauce to the meat. When they are done I'm going to finish them off with a light glaze of hosin under the grill and serve them on rolls with lettuce and cucumber.
Anyone else care to contribute to extra ingredients
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2022.01.18 03:55 vanityofjay29 IHCL announces first SeleQtions hotel in Kolkata

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2022.01.18 03:55 jacesgame monika ddlc qr code

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2022.01.18 03:55 khoonyan Why did the china tech gains in Hong Kong got erased today at 11am after the BOJ rate decision?

Anyone has any idea?
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2022.01.18 03:55 ssg_91 Horizon Forbidden West - What's Changed

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2022.01.18 03:55 tillathahun12 Draciel

Recently for Christmas I got a draciel metal ball defender and was realy exited I put it together and it broke if anyone has anyway the can help it would be greatly appreciated
How it’s broken: The bit protected no longer fits into the attack ring because the holder has chipped off Screw in blade base stripped and now pokes out the top of the spin gear area allowing for the ball bearing mechanism to come loose and further contributing to problem 1
I have no images as of now so I might update soon
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2022.01.18 03:55 Lonely_Guineapig Zalando reklamerer med bæredygtighed - trods forbrugervagthundens løftede pegefinger

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2022.01.18 03:55 vanityofjay29 Tonga remains cut off after a massive eruption and tsunami

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