My first shiny! I wasn't counting the Deino eggs I hatched but I would guess this was between 50-70!

2021.12.08 20:32 jeriann My first shiny! I wasn't counting the Deino eggs I hatched but I would guess this was between 50-70!

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2021.12.08 20:32 Lugh_Lamfada Guest complaining about pool temperature in FL

So this is a fun one. I have a guest at my house right this very moment who booked a week back in October. In mid-November, I had a pool heater installed, though when the guest booked the house, I did NOT say I had a heated pool. She should have no expectation of a heated pool.
Flash forward to today where she is complaining incessantly that the pool is too cold (it is 82 degrees F!), that her vacation is ruined, and that she knows heated pools but this is cold cold cold. Part of me wants to tell her to get bent, that 82° is plenty warm for a pool, but of course I fear the negative review.
How would you all handle this? I don't really want to turn the pool heat up any further and rack up a crazy electric bill, nor do I want to send the pool technician as she suggests, costing me a $100 service fee. I think she should be grateful that she has a heated pool that she wasn't expecting and that she should lay the hell off of me.
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2021.12.08 20:32 oiHSADAsdoisadalad11 Nice even numbers.

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2021.12.08 20:32 MoNeu98 Camera Broken?

Hello Guys,
I normaly play with my G29 and just drive around but today i decidet to Do some crashing and fooling around with stuff but my camera is Broken, i can only rotate it "horizontely?" Is that only me?
The most Recent Update is just fu**Ing anoying...
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2021.12.08 20:32 ActiveExploration Necessary Experiences — Seeing obstacles as part of growth

Some thoughts I had today on what I call necessary experiences. It's like another way to look at failure or obstacles.
When we take action on getting what we want out of life in any domain of experience, quite often we will be met with what I call a necessary experience, which is simply just a situation that presents itself to us, that seems to throw us off, cause conflict, and slow our movement towards our goals.
I find that simply just being aware of the fact that you are in a necassary experience, helps to alleviate it's ability to knock you off your path, because usually there is a lesson there for you, if you pay attention, that in all actuality helps you become the person you want to be.
Life can't be all good, all the time. it's not going to be perfect. Sometimes it will get messy and other times it will feel as if there is no way to get to your destination goal wise, but these necessary experiences are ABSOLUTELY nessacary, because they they show us where we can make adjustments to navigate smoothly to our objective points, so we don't slow to a halt and anchor our position in helpless unworthiness.
I hope one of you got something out of this. I'll be pretty active here in this community for abit and see what comes out of it. I started a YouTube channel sharing my experiences in getting what I want out of life and I share a system I am building based off of awareness processes, where I create terms to define certain parts of my awareness and actions in life in a way I understand and in my own meaning. Just look at my profile description.😉🤫
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2021.12.08 20:32 International_Abies6 help me find a favorite sweatshirt? The sweater depicted in the picture. It was my girlfriend's favorite sweater, unfortunately it was lost after a small incident. it's an h&m 2017 sweater that I would love to find again, if anyone could help me do so I would greatly appreciate it

help me find a favorite sweatshirt? The sweater depicted in the picture. It was my girlfriend's favorite sweater, unfortunately it was lost after a small incident. it's an h&m 2017 sweater that I would love to find again, if anyone could help me do so I would greatly appreciate it submitted by International_Abies6 to findfashion [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 20:32 jswiatek14 Helping public audit as internal auditor

Hey y'all,
Just wanted to get your thoughts on my situation. I currently am an internal auditor and now that my audits are done for the year, management sends some of us to assist a big 4 company that is doing our financials, sox controls, etc. I basically "report" to them to help them as needed.
The big 4 manager was talking to the whole public team and myself included talking about how we need to have a meeting regarding busy season and the expected schedule.
Not hating on y'all in public that work 80 hrs a week, but being myself as a salaried internal auditor, I ain't working more than 40 hrs a week. Is it too rude to just lay down the line to the big 4 manager and just tell them straight up my feelings? Who knows,maybe I was supposed to be excluded from that meeting so maybe I am jumping to assumptions. But what are your thoughts, should I stick up for myself or just suck it up? When I interviewed for this company I specifically asked this question if I would have to work over 40 bc I was worried about this.t company director said that I will never be expected to work over 40.
Appreciate y'all's thoughts!
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2021.12.08 20:32 grombaut WB Reshiram add 9286 2971 2701

9286 2971 2701
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2021.12.08 20:32 serendipity201 My curls are back after a month of the CGM! Routine in comments!

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2021.12.08 20:32 Ritzy_Consequence_ hmmm

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2021.12.08 20:32 ojugredsa3 Choose one of three sexy friends

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2021.12.08 20:32 NumbwharfYT W:BE+P Gatling plasma H:2* BE gat laser tse handmade and 40k caps

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2021.12.08 20:32 mrsxfreeway What’s your fashion sense like as an introvert?

I’m really curious about this, for me I don’t dress to flashy or loud as l don’t want the attention. At the same time I dress basic enough that I still look presentable to people.
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2021.12.08 20:32 Fancy-Algae6101 [Academic] Short survey about responses to animal neglect (everyone)

Anyone can participate in this survey. You will be asked to provide your response to an ethical scenario that deals with animal neglect. The survey is anonymous and there are no wrong answers :)
This is an assignment for a highschool class so your participation will be much appreciated! The survey is very short and shouldn't take more than 5-10 minutes to complete.
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2021.12.08 20:32 illusion258 Page is printing a line through

Hello, any recommendations are appreciated. I am printing a red box and no matter what I adjust or move the box on a word document it prints this faint yellow line through it. I will attach a picture
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2021.12.08 20:32 Final_Wafer5109 We aren't getting many answers in season 1 about what happened in the wilderness after shit went crazy.

Outside of showrunners already stating they want a 5 season show. The synthesis for episodes 5-10 explains we are barely getting into the crazy tribes shit, and that's after the Doomcalling party in the season finale. It seems after the Doomcoming Party is when the divide begins. That's episode 9. Episode 10 is sounds more today orientated and we find out who's lying during the present time. They will show us the alliances being formed among the survivors to end the season 1.
Episode 5, Blood Hives- Out in the wilderness, the girls ride the crimson wave and plan a dark arts slumber party; Natalie and Misty tame a stallion; on Halloween night, Shauna parties like it's 1996.
Episode 6, Saints- The Yellowjackets tangle with the birds and the bees, navigating love, lust and DIY surgery; in the present: blackmail, bunnies and an icy reunion; Misty prepares for a surprise(d) houseguest.
Episode 7, No Compass- As starvation looms,Taissa leads a last-ditch effort and/or suicide mission; amid felony schemes and all-night stakeouts, the Yellowjackets are forced to commit small talk.
Episode 8, Flight of the bumblebee- While in triage after a vicious attack, the Yellowjackets are left to suss out the best of their worst ideas; Shauna dabbles in some light cyber stalking.
Episode 9, Doomcoming- You are cordially invited to The Doomcoming. On the brink of death, the Yellowjackets opt to throw one last rager before careening into oblivion. An increasingly paranoid Shauna struggles between keeping her cool and being Shauna.
Episode 10, Sic Transit Gloria Mundi- On the night of their 25th reunion, the girls navigate damning evidence, false alibis and a dubious attempt to "heal." In the wilderness, the Doomcoming leaves everything off the rails as simmering resentments come to a head. Season finale.
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2021.12.08 20:32 toadlipz85 34F. Feeling good in my favorite bodysuit

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2021.12.08 20:32 WookOnlyFansLouielou This would be my 8th in the forest !!

Hello fam I live in the dmv area and still undecided if I'm going but if any of yall are from the dmv I'm down to makes some plans?
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2021.12.08 20:32 GoMarin8MyChickenM8 asking for game mode recommendations (read desc.)

i had a very high number of times where im trying to play the game but often getting one shot before theres even an enemy on my screen so naturally i'ed like to know what game modes have fewer power weapons in play and or power weapons have much less impact overall. very preferably still with recharging shields.
ironically vehicles generally seem reasonable to deal with but going without vehicles sounds like a more pure experience
i get that theres a method to this with all FPS games but i do not want to have to make a choice of memorize every aspect of the game or spend most of the game getting one shot by a shotgun or a guy with a jet pack + energy sword standing someplace you cant really prepare for.
ALSO: hows the game quality of competitive invasion on reach? it was my favorite game mode over a decade ago it could be really interesting.
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2021.12.08 20:32 EmptyLibrarian9959 Get directly 10 euro when lending 100 euro at Lenndy

Lendy is a p2p lending platform. They offer interest rates around 12%. There's are various loans available, including those with a "buyback guarantee". Some are short-term loans up to a month. Obviously there are risk associated with p2p lending.
With this promotion you get a 10 euro bonus upon investing 100 euro:

  1. Create an account at (, non-ref and no bonus). Check that the code mixrRTb is in the "referral" field.
  2. No further verification needed; deposit 100 euro to their IBAN, using your bank account at the same name.
  3. Invest 100 euro and you get 10 euro bonus. For withdrawals you need an ID verification and then you can withdraw directly.
Full terms and conditions at
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2021.12.08 20:32 assmonkey44357 Young Kanye West Sampling a Beat in the Studio

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2021.12.08 20:32 Amara_Bedrose Copyright exception of fair use and terms of service on a website asking for permission. Does fair use still apply or do I need permission?

Hey y’all.
I’m writing a blog article that analyses/reviews some other peoples blog material. I know I can take copyrighted material as long as it falls under fair use/fair dealing. And I am using only a very small part.
However what if the website’s terms of service says to get permission if I were to use any of their material?
Just wondering if fair use still comes to play even if a ToS says to get permission because doesn’t fair use mean you can use it without permission if it meets a criteria?
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2021.12.08 20:32 burger_enjoyer53 opinions on this tweet?

opinions on this tweet?
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2021.12.08 20:32 Sad-Commission1298 Looking for issis

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2021.12.08 20:32 Romanbellic420 My mini tree (imma put a star on Christmas Day)

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