How do people seem so confident in their major?

You Do Not Like Yourself, So Neither Will People. Finally, you may dislike yourself. ... "Lee Blouin is there for me and I truly feel confident with his ability to help me understand my concerns. ... or not very nice to you, but they don’t mind you, or they may even like you. The opposite can happen as well. Some people seem as friendly as ... Confident and charismatic people, on the other hand, have a generosity of spirit. It goes back to the point above about thinking abundantly: When you feel like you have all the security and self-esteem that you need, you don’t mind doling out warmth to others, so that they can feel the same. Is Kind. Confidence and kindness go hand in hand. And you can do so, because anxiety and shyness can be eradicated by making some tweaks to the way your mind works. Check out this presentation I created to learn how to do this. In it describe the tried and tested formula for gaining social confidence, so I’m sure you’ll find it very useful. 4. You Haven’t Found the Right People If they seem confident or low self-esteem; And much more. All to figure out if this is a person we should befriend or stay away from. ... Yet, I meet people who are so intelligent that they blow me out of the water. These people are proof that we can’t say “People are stupid”, because it doesn’t hold up. Some are, some aren’t. Remember that practice makes perfect. Often, people seem really confident because they’re just more used to interacting with others. So get out there, expose yourself to social situations and watch yourself get more and more confident! For more tips from our co-author, including how to maintain confident body language, read on! “And I'm confident about the individual differences—some people talk to themselves a lot, some never, some occasionally.” Interestingly, researchers at Harvard University have found that visual and verbal thinking are highly linked. While people often think of themselves as being either more verbal or visual, this isn't necessarily the case.

2021.12.08 18:22 fannypack666 How do people seem so confident in their major?

I am 28 and looking to go back to school. I am incredibly lucky to be able to have the opportunity, and I want to make the most of it. I have an A.A. in general studies, so it would not be a full 4 years. I constantly think about what I should go back to school for. Nothing seems like it's for me. I enjoy learning and experiencing new things, but I have not found anything that sticks out to me. I feel like a lot of people (I know not everyone) are so confident with their choice. I look at pathways for different programs and it seems like it's either careers that don't pay well/seem interesting, or majors that require more than a bachelor's (and I can't afford that). Maybe I'm setting up my own roadblocks. Sorry to write so much. Thank you for reading
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2021.12.08 18:22 southernhides Copper on Brown Cowhide - Metallic Rug #MetallicCowhideRug #VintageHomeDecor #BronzeDecor #IndustrialDecor #BronzeCopperRug #MidCenturyDecor #BohemianDecor #CopperKitchenDecor #BrassDecor #CopperHomeDecor #CopperCowhideRug #RusticKitchenDecor

Copper on Brown Cowhide - Metallic Rug #MetallicCowhideRug #VintageHomeDecor #BronzeDecor #IndustrialDecor #BronzeCopperRug #MidCenturyDecor #BohemianDecor #CopperKitchenDecor #BrassDecor #CopperHomeDecor #CopperCowhideRug #RusticKitchenDecor submitted by southernhides to southernhides [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 18:22 OptimalOpportunity38 What’s something that you thought was a good choice, but ended up being the complete opposite?

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2021.12.08 18:22 Logistical_Wolf Dolores Encounters: What I've learned

Warning: Minor spoilers! Highly recommend experiencing the game firsthand before reading.
The Dolores chapter is arguably the best, in terms of the amount of scares. I decided to try to find them all and learn all I could about how the haunting mechanics work. This is by no means a comprehensive guide, just a list of my findings after playing over the course of a few months. Feel free to share anything you've learned that I may have missed. All my testing was done on Xb1.
As you may know, outside of the main story-related ones, there's two types of scares in Visage: there's the setpieces, which I'll call "passive" encounters, and the random light-flickering ghost attacks I'll call "active" encounters.
Active Encounters

Influenced by sanity levels. The lower your sanity, the higher the chance of an attack, as well as paranormal events such as door closings and light shut-off. Also increases chance of light bulb breaks, but these are a bit more infrequent. The lower your sanity, the easier it is to die from an active encounter. Dolores will spawn closer to you, quicker than usual, as well as less of a delay between the light flicker and her appearance. She also chases you for a couple of seconds longer than normal. You can escape an active encounter by entering a mirror realm. Dolores will not follow you and stop advancing once you enter, then disappear as usual over time. Dolores can appear in a mirror realm if you're already inside one when an active encounter occurs. There's only one instance where you can be attacked by Dolores and live. In the upstairs mirror realm above living room, if you break the floor (on the 5th hit) with the sledgehammer at the same time Dolores attacks you, the death animation will play, but afterwards you'll still be alive having broken through the floor. Closing a door on Dolores mid-chase can slow or even stop her advancement. Sometimes, she even loses track of you.
Passive Encounters
Not affected by sanity levels in terms of frequency of occurrence. A passive encounter won't trigger during an active one. However, an active encounter can occur during a passive one, or shortly after. Passive Encounters can vary, in terms of location, chance of occurrence and how much damage to your sanity. Passive Encounters that lock you in a room or where you can clearly see Dolores are typically the most damaging to your sanity. Some passive encounters continuously lower sanity until the player takes an action to end the encounter, such as advancing towards Dolores' position or simply leaving the area. The game keeps track of which passive encounters you've had in your gaming session so they don't repeat, even after loading a save. This can help you find and trigger encounters more easily. Once your gaming session ends (quit game), this counter resets, even for loaded saves. Also, the quick-resume feature of Xb1 doesn't work with Visage, so be careful when opening other apps as it may quit Visage automatically. There are certain points of progression where encounters are guaranteed to happen. Knowing these moments can help you trigger them easier. Some include right after obtaining the sledgehammer and after making the cup of tea. By saving before these moments, you can go to one location and trigger an encounter, then reload and go to another. Some locations have more than one encounter, so using the above-mentioned tips will help to find multiple encounters in the same place. Passive Encounters do repeat themselves at some point after you've seen enough of them. In rooms with two entrances, some encounters will only trigger when entering a room from a specific angle.
All Dolores Encounters
Note: This list does not include story-related encounters but will include every other encounter, including variations of the same encounter and ones that are quite rare to find, but confirmed to exist, itemized by location.
  1. Front Door: doorbell ring
  2. Mirror room #1: Crying inside closet, pounds door.
  3. Mirror room #2: Locks/darkens room, beckons from open closet.
  4. First floor hall: Thundedarkness, standing under the light near garage entry.
  5. Garage #1: top of steps leading to attic, shakes head violently.
  6. Garage #2: Behind car
  7. Garage #3: When behind car, darkens/appears naked in front of basement door.
  8. Kitchen #1: Knock on door to backyard. Can also trigger if in office directly above, but without sanity loss. (bug?)
  9. Kitchen #2: Naked/shaking head in front of door near stove.
  10. Laundry room: Bloodied/pregnant and labored breathing, in a cradle on the wall.
  11. Living room #1(must approach from FF hallway): Standing/laughing in darkness in living room doorway.
  12. Living room #2: On the balcony above living room, looking down.
  13. Second floor hallway #1: in darkness left of stairs.
  14. Second floor hallway #2 (must be in Study room): When leaving, peeking around corner leading to Girl's bedroom.
  15. Boy's bedroom #1(must approach from SF hallway): under bed
  16. Boy's bedroom #2: When in closet, Corner of ceiling above bed.
  17. Bathroom #1: Whispers and water drip in shower, stops when you draw curtain.
  18. Bathroom #2 (must be in master bedroom): Laughing in bathroom.
  19. Girl's bedroom #1: crying in adjoining closet
  20. Girl's bedroom #2: locked in adjoining closet, slowly reaches out in darkness
  21. Girl's bedroom #3: darkens behind bedroom door, stands still holding out hand.
  22. Boiler room: When facing vent, right behind you.
  23. Basement hall #1 (must be in boiler room): Hitting head against door.
  24. Basement hall #2 (must approach from mannequin side): In darkened hall with the insulation.
  25. Basement bathroom: peeks from just outside door.
  26. Basement Tool room #1: breaking sounds and laughter from other side of chained door.
  27. Basement tool room #2: when facing chained door, peeking around corner behind you.
  28. Mannequin room: Outline behind tarp.
  29. Basement living room (must approach from opposite side of basement): In hallway behind glass near TV.
  30. Pantry room (must look above freezer to trigger) darkens/pops out of crawlspace near ceiling.
  31. Storage room (must be in back to trigger): Unscrews light and reaches out in darkness.
  32. Dining room #1 (rare; must approach from laundry room side of kitchen) In darkness, in front of chained door in dining room.
  33. Dining room #2 (rare; must approach from living room) In darkness, a giant face appears in front of dining room doors, lunges when close.
Whew, and I think that's all of them. The last two are classified rare because of the difficulty in triggering them. Personally, I'm convinced there's some way to trigger them, but further testing is needed. So how'd I do? Did I miss anything? Discover anything interesting about the mechanics? Let me know, and thanks for reading! And thanks to SadSquare for doing justice to P.T.'s legacy!
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2021.12.08 18:22 jookco jay moriarity Death - Obituary News Story : See What Happened. Click link to read full story.

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2021.12.08 18:22 r_ballard3 Still not sure what an FOV slider is

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2021.12.08 18:22 honeybadgermlr 20M kinda bored amd always open for friends or more

Heyo! I'm 20M and kinda bored. Anyone wanna chat?
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2021.12.08 18:22 anonymouslym Thanks Amazon

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2021.12.08 18:22 lha1107 As White House Digs in, Many High-Profile Democrats Oppose Vaccine Mandates

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2021.12.08 18:22 CarlosBrumfield1172 What I learned from the Flank last night?

  1. Doug gives no fucks.
  2. Chris gives all the fucks.
  3. How did Zoomaa get in the challengers chat?
  4. Doug loves pull-ups
  5. Zin can’t talk without being interrupted. 6 really, how did Zoomaa get in the chat?
  6. Aches only likes games he’s had success lol
  7. Tom Grvty doesn’t speak for all challengers.
  8. Jack is a co-owner but doesn’t do anything for 100t??
  9. For real, who the fuck put Zoomaa in the chat?
This was a troll chat, don’t take it so serious, loved the show!!
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2021.12.08 18:22 masterofbeingcapture Help! I already 100% the campaign but I don’t have mk 1 for some reason why?

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2021.12.08 18:22 yahmsTV CSL DD vs Alpha Mini LEDs+screen

I'm currently making the decision between getting a CSL DD with the Formula 2.5 wheel or getting a Simagic Alpha Mini with the GT-4 wheel. It looks like the GT4 is built better but lacks rev LEDs and a screen to show gear shifting. Is this something that doesn't matter in the end of the day or am I better off spending ~$300 less and waiting till January for the CSL DD to be available?
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2021.12.08 18:22 square_shinga_dinga Bought a used one today. I adore it in it's entirety.

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2021.12.08 18:22 FreakyDoc Server down ?

I keep getting login failure auth error, is the game down ??? Made a nee account to see if my main is banned for some reason and still got the same error ..
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2021.12.08 18:22 wodekk best legend to kill from behind?

so, when I see enemies my teammates always rush to them and they fight but I like to go behind enemies and they don't know about me. my aim is not perfect so I was wondering which legend has best abilities to kill enemy fast? Im thinking about my r-99 + ability but idk which legend would be good for it.
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2021.12.08 18:22 HarrBathtub My November mock results :D

So these are my mock results, I’m kind of annoyed with 3 of them but we move.
Physics - 9 Biology - 9 Chemistry - 9 Geography - 7 (1 mark off an 8) DT - 8 Computing - 7 Eng Lit - 8 (see below) Eng Lang - 7 (1 mark off an 8) Maths - 7
With Eng lit, I originally got 90% (9) but the teachers decided to give someone else a 9 and move them up a grade, and they decided that even though I got a very decent score, I was the one that had to give up my spot. So I went from a 90% to a 83.9%. The grade boundary for a 9 for 84%. They changed my so I was 0.1% off. Like ffs lads, they could not have done it any worse.
Anyway yeah, share yours below.
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2021.12.08 18:22 theks Looking for a word to match a concept like the illusion of "the college experience"

Basically what I'm trying to describe is a construct that a lot of people believe in and perpetuate, but is ultimately based on illusion.
An example of the concept that I'm thinking of is "the college experience." Media, your friends, popular culture convince people that their college experience should look a certain way or is supposed to unfold a certain way, e.g. you're supposed to go to parties, meet lots of people, drink a lot, have a whole bunch of "firsts" (first date, first back to back to back all nighter, etc.) or maybe find all of your classes meaningful, do important work, etc.
In reality, however, most people will not be able to have all those experiences, or find such experiences empty and unfulfilling. Some will have none of those experiences. They may feel sad that they have missed out on these experiences because they feel that's how it was all supposed to be. But it turns out that plenty of people don't have those experiences and live happy, meaningful lives.
The terms I was thinking might match this are hyperreality or "ideology" in a Marxist sense, but I'm not sure. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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2021.12.08 18:22 Appropriate-Hotel-33 SPEEDOMETER

How do i get the speed on the back of my car its gone
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2021.12.08 18:22 wazewavy Refund

Does anyone have a picture of what their refund email looks like that received one and successfully got their money back?
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2021.12.08 18:22 RedditHeroAleks LAST CHRISTMAS 🎁💜 Lofi remix

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2021.12.08 18:22 ricksdetrix hehhehe

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2021.12.08 18:22 flopping-deuces What’s the most controversial thing about genetics that’s never talked about?

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2021.12.08 18:22 ryan_7593 [NEWBIE] Hi, I am new and looking to buy my first electric guitar.

I really like the Ibanez grx70qa. Any opinions on it or what style is it usually used for? I want to play blues or rock and I am wondering if this is a good guitar for these styles.
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2021.12.08 18:22 GoneToDevNull Coinberry Referral - Get a $40 bonus when you sign up with Coinberry and complete atleast $50 worth of trades (Canada)

$40 bonus when you sign up with Coinberry and buy/sell $50 worth of cryptocurrency! No holds, can withdraw anytime.
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